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A UNESCO Global Geopark is like nowhere else on Earth. It is somewhere to touch, explore and connect with part of the Earth’s story. As an area of unique geological interest, a Geopark is a place where you can discover extraordinary landscapes, places and people.

Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark (Sopain)

Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark (Sopain)

Ngorongoro-Lengai UNESCO Geopark (Tanzania)

Ngorongoro-Lengai UNESCO Geopark (Tanzania)

Cao Bang UNESCO Geopark (Vietnam)


Geoparks are the result of a bottom-up process in which all of its population must participate in building a shared project for the future that can only go through suitable, integrated and sustainable economic development.

Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark (Spain)


UNESCO Geoparks are territories presenting a unique geological heritage of international value. They are places where thoughtful visitor can meet, experience and touch the “Memory of the Earth”. The 4,5 billion years of history of our living planet.

Dong Van UNESCO Geopark (Vietnam)


UNESCO Geoparks are real meeting places between "Memory of the Earth" and "Human Memory". This memory of local populations constitutes a remarkable cultural heritage shared and explained to the visitors.


UNESCO Geoparks are also places with an exceptional natural heritage. Fascinating landscapes, varied ecosystems, significant biodiversity are valued there and allow visitors to understand the current challenges of our planet.

Ngorongoro-Lengai UNESCO Geopark (Tanzania)


The intangible heritage is the precious witness to the long and intimate relationship between the local population and the Earth. Today extremely threatened, its conservation and transmission constitute an important mission of the Geoparks.

Imbabura UNESCO Geopark (Ecuador)

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